My name is Emilie. I was born in Paris and I feel like a true Parisian in all aspects! Ten years ago the love of my life, dance, brought me to Milan and I felt a perfect balance between the two cities. Paris is romantic, elegant, melancholic, nonconformist. Milan is a lively city that at first glance hides its beauty, forcing you to discover it slowly. This marriage for me is pure perfection.

I stopped dancing a few years ago but I'm still known as "Ballerina Emilie" even though my new passion is DJing for events in the fashion world. I've also created this small jewel I called Madem Paris - a shop online to share with you some of the things that I love, wear and believe in.

One philosophy I have followed in my life as a dancer trained at the Paris Opera is the importance of quality over quantity. For this reason, when choosing something for myself, I invest in personal items, accessories and clothes that are made to last a lifetime so that one day, I may share them with my children.

I hope you enjoy spending time with Madem Paris as much as I do.